Malta International Music Festival


17 April — 11 May 2021


Festival Introduction

Music that sounds like its composers imagined it. Musicians who dedicate themselves to their craft with devotion and passion. Audiences who bathe in the sun and music, carrying them to the abode of spiritual pleasure far from everyday life. Place where the astonishing young talents meet world’s biggest musicians. New remarkable careers that take a marvelous start. Malta International Music Festival makes all this possible – and it has been doing so in dedication to music and arts.

Film about the Malta International Music Festival 2017
by music channel.

Rise of the Pleades

In the past an island of knights and pirates, and now one of the most cozy and picturesque corners of Europe, Malta is situated in the Mediterranean sea, to the south of Sicily. From ancient times, the rise of the Pleiades constellation in the sky in spring was thought to be a propitious omen for the beginning of navigation. A constellation of classical music stars in Valletta, the capital of the island republic, marks the beginning of a season of summer festivals across the Mediterranean.

A big celebration of music

The 10th InClassica Malta International Music Festival will take place between 17th April and 11th May 2021, featuring highly acclaimed world-famous musicians. InClassica 2021 offers a rich and varied programme including grand orchestral concerts with 7 Top Orchestras at the Republic Hall of the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

Events in the historical venue

The Grand Orchestra Concerts of the festival will take place in one of the oldest European buildings “Sacra Infermeria” (XVIth century), in which the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta is nowadays situated.

Mediterranean Conference Centre Valletta